Whiskey Scenario are vocalist Ben Rosebrough and multi-instrumentalist Jake Then, lifelong friends who connected over their love of heavy metal, and after years apart, joined forces once again to release their debut EP `Bullet on the Rocks`.

This six-track extended play opens with `Bad News` which is a scorching blistering slice of power metal which may refer to a potential relationship that will probably ultimately destroy you. Although it`s pretty fast paced there are some slower moments throughout where we get some lyrical reflection. Title track `Bullet on the Rocks` is a wonderfully heavy sleazy chunk of metal and tells us all what we know that when you have an unfulfilled day job, a dose of metal at night is really the only thing to set you back on the straight and narrow. There`s a really enjoyable guitar solo part way through and complementing vocal harmonies throughout.

`Brave New World` is a kind of reflection on when life becomes that sort of “same shit different day” situation and where everything seems to grind you down. It rolls along at a steady pace which allows you to wallow in it`s thoughtful life summery. We have a more assertive challenging composition with `Read `Em and Weep` where the musical backing seems to reflect the confrontational nature of the track. There was a cracking rolling drumbeat and guitar riff segment in the latter section and screeching vocals at times throughout.     

`The Horsemen Ride` has an edgy feel and is another contemplative and thoughtful piece which has an almost dooms day synopsis about it. We return and close out with a faster paced number on `Death By Machine` which may well be an ominous outlook on where the world`s heading.

There was so much to enjoy on `Bullet on the Rocks` which tipped it`s hat to bands like Metallica, Guns N` Roses and Anvil at times throughout but had its own unique vibe.

If you`ve got around twenty to twenty-five minutes spare and are in need of some Kick ass metal to blow the cobwebs away and get your head straight, you could do no better that giving Whiskey Scenario a blast.

Rating 8.5 / 10

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