Boston rock n rollers ain’t done at all, the scamps

Look at the cover for this record (above).

Does that look like it is the artwork of a band that is done with rock n roll? Nah, thought not. It looks like something Jax from Sons Of Anarchy would be having tattooed on his arm.

And, here’s another thing: in June 2016 these boys released an album called “The Black Heart Of Rock N Roll” and unless the world really has gone to hell in a handbasket, they most certainly haven’t forgotten how to rock in that time surely?

The answer is no. No and, well, no again, seeing as how full of beans the quartet of songs is here. The name of this really would be enough to have them arrested under the Trades Descriptions Act – or at least it would be, if we didn’t like them so much.

We’ll let them off for lots of reasons, the big leather clad liars. Not least is the title track to this here thing. Because far from being done with music it distills all that’s ever been fun about rock n roll in the first place.

When MV was a kid, I used to love nothing more than playing my mums old rock n roll records and pretending I was a DJ (ok, I am in my forties now and still cue the songs in on my iPod when I am in my car, sue me!) and the harmonies here transport you back to those times. Greased back hair, Daisy Duke and good ol’ boys never meaning no harm, all the things that a youngster growing up in the UK knew 60s America stood for. It’s all here.

It is, in fairness, even more prevalent on the quite brilliant “Sunlight Alleys” which, with its handclaps and timeless grooves capture the essence of summer in a way that very little has since Don Henley lusted over a girl with her hair slicked back and sunglasses on, baby.

In between these two is “Hi Definition”. Any lick that sounds like Thin Lizzy is a thing of beauty and this is too, but there is a glam sheen here that is unavoidable, and the guitar sound is worth buying the EP alone.

And if that isn’t enough then how does a revved-up boogie that doesn’t see why AC/DC shouldn’t be worshipped sound to you? Great, cos “Tear It Up” has one and it’s wonderful. “Get rocked and tear it up” goes the chorus. You best believe, it isn’t a request. It’s an order.

The whole thing has so much to offer, but most important, here is an innocence, a glee here that the Spotify generation won’t get. This ain’t theirs anyway, it’s ours and dammit we’re taking it back. “Done With Rock N Roll”? Yeah right!

Rating 8/10

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