Terrible title. Great EP

Ok, its like this. When this, the new EP from Italy’s Voodoo Highway arrived in the MVM inbox, we made some assumptions.

First we assumed (based purely on the title) that it was going to be some kind of dated spandex wearing bullshit from the late 1980s of the kind that we grew up with.

Second, we reasoned, that there’s not been a lot of great hard rock from Italy (VH are from Ferrara in the North of the country) in recent years.

Thus, we concluded that this three tracker wouldn’t be particularly special.

Then we heard it.

And ladies and gents – I’ll blow your socks off. Granted, the band would probably a different kind of blow job, but you get the point here.

The thing is, it is pretty filthy – you’d expect nothing less from a band that claims on its Facebook bio to be a hot fist of rock n roll straight up your ass – but it is also absolutely timeless classic rock n roll.

Lead track “NY Dancer” has girls baring their breasts in its lyrics, but simultaneously manages to sound like Free and Led Zep in its melodies, so yeah, this is glam rock but not as we know it.

The five-piece swing like a wrecking ball on “By The Grace Of The Lord” and possess, big old balls to pull this kind of groove off, and actually manage to eclipse this feat on the quite brilliant “Tears Of A Brand New Sea” which sounds like all the best bands from the late 1980s from GnR to Skid Row, as well as using a cowbell in its chorus – all inside four minutes.

According to Craig Gruber, the former bass player in Rainbow no less, Voodoo Highway are the new Deep Purple. Now the last time we looked the Purps were just fine, thanks, so how about this instead. Voodoo Highway, are ace. Top notch fun.

All hail the perverts.

Rating 8/10

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