Review: UV-TV – Always Something (2021)


UV-TV are a sort of post-punk come power pop crossover outfit who comprise of Rose Vastola (guitars / vocals), Ian Bernacett (guitars) and latest recruit Ian Rose (drums). They have a new album out this month `Always Something` their third release and follow up to 2019’s ‘Happy’.

This release was written and recorded since their relocation to New York from Florida and with new drummer Ian Rose as a full-time member.

The album opens with `Overcast Forever` a quite infectious number with some dreamy vocals at times and some driving guitar riffs accompanied by some thumping drumbeats. There`s further powerful drumming on `Wildflower` almost in the shape of what you`d expect from Clem Burke of Blondie. We also enjoy some virtually gothic like guitar riffs as the track progresses over which Rose lays her varied vocal range.

`Distant Lullaby` is a delightfully catchy fast paced number that put me in mind of Coventry`s eighties indie pop darlings The Primitives. Rose`s vocals and the guitars seem to compete initially on `Back To Nowhere` but then seem to find a compromise and co-exist in more harmony as the song evolves.

There was almost a retro vibe to `Plume` which at times instrumentally reminded me of Joy Division`s `Atmosphere`. The number seems to drift along quite hypnotically before the last minute or so becomes fairly intensive and almost builds a wall of sound. Title track `Always Something` bounces along with Rose`s voice possibly double tracked at times. A submission that you felt was going to let rip at some stage but managed to keep itself in check.

`I Don`t Mind` is another quite mesmerising composition with some marvellously intricate guitar chords and pounding drums laying a platform for the vocals to float in, out and over the top. Lovely stuff. We enjoy a much shorter poppy piece with `Super Abound` which seems to weave in and out with once more some complex guitar chords and deep throated backing harmonies.

The album closes with `Holland Sunday` a more laid back, quieter number by UV-TV`s standard. It meanders along with a wistful almost introspective or reflective texture.

There was much on `Always Something` to relish. At times it`s almost in your face and then at others it`s sort of faraway and dreamy.  I`d describe the band`s sound as sort of shoegaze, noise pop come post punk. A little more discerning than My Bloody Valentine but with the same intensity The album runs at around the half hour mark and I could think of worse ways of spending it than tuning in and listening to these noise merchants

Rating 9/10

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