REVIEW: Thron – Dust (2023)


Germany is no stranger to the world of metal.  It would take many an hour to list all the great bands from that country.  One guarantee is that if you gave Thron a listen they would quickly shoot up into your first mentions list when engaging in such a discussion.

The band formed in 2015 and released their self-titled debut in 2017 and since then they have been on an upward trajectory that now sees them as a genuine great modern black metal band that not only pays its dues to those who have gone before but also evolves that sound and turns it into something uniquely Thron.

The album announces itself with the dynamic “Dying In The Mud” which is a near perfect fusion of classic heavy metal with modern back metal.  Something this band seem to be uniquely adept at.  “Return” follows and continues on the same merging path with its razor-sharp chord structure and blast-beaten melodies.

“The True Belief” changes pace at will and offers something different to the opening numbers that reveals a few tricks they have up their collective sleeves.  Across the whole album there is barely a second, never mind a moment when the band is anything less than grabbing your attention, by the throat of course, and strangling you into submission.

On albums like this its always hard to pick standout tracks but if you just wanted to dip in and check them out for the first time then you can’t go wrong with the force of nature that is “Monlogue”.  Or perhaps you should give the ascending “Into Oblivion”.  Then again maybe the album closer “Martyr”.  I told you it was hard!!

Fans of Watain and Dark Funeral will find much in this album to stir the same emotions and spirit as the more well known artists in this dark genre.  Likewise could be said for fans of Judas Priest and early 1980’s metal.  They combine that classic sound with a very polished, but no less powerful for it, black metal sound that hints at a way forward for the genre, or at the very least a notable side-step.

Donnie’s Rating: 9.5/10 This is majestic but the best is yet to come.

Dust is out now via Listenable Records.  Purchase it at THRON – Dust Limited Edition Marble Vinyl of 500 copies worldwide (

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