I am the proudest uncle in the world to two little girls, aged 4 and 1. The youngest watches the videos I take at gigs and was a huge fan of Hellripper the other week. But I digress. The point is, those two probably have a better attention span than me. So, when I read that The Revivalists were famed for their four-hour sets, I panicked. And yet, in a very real way, the 11 songs and (thankfully) just under 45 minutes on their album “Pour It Into The Night” are made for people like me. Because there’s a bit of everything here, so much so it’s like listening to 11 different bands.

The album kicks off with the eight-piece band showcasing their versatility, moving from the type of thing that Augustines used to do with “Kid” to the straight-up rocker “Don’t Look Back.” Speaking of four-hour sets, the saxophone on this album hasn’t been heard the likes since The Big Man joined the band. Its presence adds a layer of energy and nostalgia that truly elevates the music.

By the time the 80s electro-infused track “Good Old Days” hits, we’re already in “new favorite band” territory. The Revivalists’ ability to seamlessly blend different genres and styles is truly impressive. They have a knack for delivering backroads and dirt roads classic rock vibes, as heard on “Down In The Dirt,” and they can also command the stage with anthemic stadium-shaking rock, as they do on “The Long Con.”

David Shaw’s superb voice shines throughout the album, acting as the one thread that ties it all together. The almost gospel-tinged “Only You” starts with the powerful words “I never backed down, it’s not in my DNA,” and you can tell he means it.

Produced by Rich Costey, “Pour It Into The Night” showcases the band’s versatility. Costey deftly guides them through balladry like “Alive,” campfire-inspired tracks like “Wait For The Sun,” and screeching funky blues tunes like “When I Got You.” The album is filled with positivity, exemplified by tracks like “How We Move” with its uplifting refrain of “how can we dance in a world like this, but we do!”

A skill like this is hard to replicate. The emotional beauty of “Say Goodbye” is simply gorgeous, and on the title track, the band takes on a final different persona, delivering a hauntingly beautiful acoustic-based piece.

This is a brilliant record that deserves high praise. If you are still looking for a reason to love Revivalists, then how about this: they recently established their philanthropic umbrella fund, Rev Causes, supporting various organizations dedicated to reviving and investing in communities, health, and the environment. Through fan donations and a variety of fundraising efforts, the band is actively building a better future.

If it wasn’t so on the nose, you could say that with a record as good as this, they deserve one, never mind the rest of us.

Rating: 9/10

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