The Folk Implosion was founded in the early 1990s by Lou Barlow and John Davis who kind of drifted apart at the turn of the century after three albums. They reconnected and have recently released their first full length album `Walk Thru Me` in twenty-five years. Themes such as divorce, parents dying, and coming to grips with your country’s place in the world are all covered on this release.

We are led in by `Crepuscular` which after a brief search I discovered is a word that means “of, relating to, or resembling twilight battling depression” and although the title may paint a gloomy scenario, the number certainly isn`t. It has a rolling rhythmic beat with a delightfully unassuming gentle vocal that does seem to express a view of dealing with despair. There`s a similar pulse to `The Day You Died` but with intermittent hand tapped percussion. I read that the track is a tribute to John Davis`s father, shining a light on their complicated relationship. I`m sure his dad would have been overjoyed with this eulogy.

For me title track `Walk Thru Me` had a wonderfully mesmerising texture and had me drifting off in thoughts of my own. There`s a gentle ode to parenthood with `My Little Lamb` where Lou Barlow takes the lead on this simple but captivating outing.

`Bobblehead Doll` was originally based on an intimate relationship where someone preferred to be propped up instead of listening to opposing perspectives, but John Davis rewrote the lyrics fifteen years later to make them more broadly political. A foot tapping listen with the lyrical content shared in an almost stream of consciousness vibe. There was a more off kilter quality about `The Fable and The Fact` with a sense of anxiety running throughout.

`Right Hand Over the Heart` has what I thought was a militaristic beat driving it along with occasional goth like riffs. The title suggests it refers to love and respect. Placing your right hand over your heart is a pledge of allegiance come respect to your country and seems to be prevalent these days at international sporting events during the National anthems. We enjoy an almost funky tempo on `Water Torture` with lyrics lethargically shared atop this enthralling submission.

`O.K. To Disconnect` races along and is another number that has a restless, twitchy almost agitated feel about it. Don`t ask me why but the closing track `Moonlit Kind` is an ode to night owls. There`s a hypnotic revolving percussive rhythm guiding us along as the narration floats above.

`Walk Thru Me` was a pretty perplexing album, where I wasn`t quite sure of what to make of it.

It was thoroughly enjoyable but left me rather bewildered and confused for some reason. I must admit that it`s an album that i`m sure will be a grower and reveal much more each time you return to listen.

It`s definitely a release that`s worth a stroll through as the title suggests.

Rating 8.5 / 10

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