Before we go any further, can we have a round of applause, nah, actually make that a moment of goddamned reverence for the title of the lead track here. “Kiss The Ass Of My Heart” is now my favourite put down, frankly.

And what is perhaps even better, is that The Cheap Cassettes have backed this up by being ace. To be fair, MV already knew that this sonically sun-drenched crew from Seattle (and their lyrics are proof positive that you put anything together with a happy tune and no one will notice the sadness) were a cut above.

To brass tacks: “…Heart” has four tracks. The two on the seven-inch are joined by two more – proving perhaps that although the sound might be the sort of thing you’d have got in those glory days of the C90, everything has to compete with digital these days. The title track sets the tone, sort of somewhere between The Gaslight Anthem and The Hold Steady’s chug, but with the Ramones glue sniffing anarchism, it is four minutes of absolute gloriousness.

“Black Leather Angel” chugs along like some early Wildhearts demo and its sound coming from the 1990’s is juxtaposed by lines about “drunk texting friends who couldn’t care less” to give it a modern air.

“Hieroglyphics In Lipstick” recalls the glory days of Silver Sun and gets bonus points for having handclaps all over it (surely along with the cowbell, nothing expresses the joy of rock n roll better?) while the thing closes with “Worse N Better” which is part revved up Stones and part MV’s early 2000s faves Marah, before it cuts to a chorus that is a bubblegum as Blondie, and adds some low slung lead that gets all Chuck Berry. That’s gotta be cool, right?

And the whole thing is done within 18 minutes. I’d wager there is not much you can do in 18 minutes that is as much fun as this. Get it on vinyl, get it on cassette, get it on some soulless mp3 if you must. Just get The Cheap Cassettes in your life, or else you can kiss my ass, never mind that of my heart.

Rating 9/10

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