The Bros. Landreth are a Canadian alternative country and folk music duo comprising of brothers Joey and Dave Landreth, the sons of Winnipeg musician Wally Landreth. Their new album `Come Morning` is released this month and confronts past demons from abuse and addiction, challenges ideas of toxic masculinity and processes heart breaking loss 

This release opens with `Stay` which is a real slow burn. An easy-going kind of love song where the narrator seems to have found their soulmate and wants to settle.

A quite soulful declaration of love and as to what the relationship might lead to.

We have a further gentle recognition of where the storyteller would be without their significant other in `What in the World`. Again, its delightfully laid back with some captivating pedal steel chords from guest musician Joe Pisapia blended throughout.

`Drive All Night` is a reminiscence of days early on in a romance and just how much the relationship has thrived, It`s quite stop start and has some enchanting dreamy almost mesmerising sections along it`s journey. There`s a kind of country tinged love ballad with `Shame`. The shuffling drum beat, guitar chords and softly shared vocal really draws you in.

`You Don`t Know Me` mourns the loss of a friendship. It`s pretty stripped back with  vocals, a resonating guitar and brushed drumbeat adding to it`s poignancy. There`s a real feeling of optimism on `After the Rain` which looks to better times. The vocal is simply shared but so effective. We have some delightful vocal harmonies, keys, and a really subtle guitar solo midway through.

`Don`t Feel Like Cryin` features fellow Canadian singer songwriter Leith Ross. It`s a sort of mid paced slice of Americana with pedal steel, a tapped drumbeat and guitar riff that bring out the sense of overwhelming grief and recognition that the relationship they`re in has run it`s course. `Corduroy` seems to be an introspective musing on a first love and the profound effect it had as they think about this person every day which may not be the healthiest of pastimes.  

Title track `Come Morning` is almost spiritual in it`s delivery. A tale possibly of recognising behavioural issues and trying to rectify them. The album closes out with `Back to Thee` which I read is a self-proclaimed hymn written by Joey for his wife. A heartfelt dedication of love.

`Come Morning` is an album that will need a few listens to really trickle into your life. The songs are quite deep, reflective and need a little time before they start to resonate. I`m sure this offering was quite cathartic for the guys to put together and record. They tour the UK later this year so you`ll have an opportunity to enjoy these meditations in a live setting.

Rating 8.5 / 10