A couple of years ago Terror released a record that I really liked. “Total Retaliation” was brutal, uncompromising and was kind of a touchstone moment for me, given that pretty much I didn’t realise I liked hardcore punk before that.

Now, lockdown and all that presents a problem for bands like this, doesn’t it? I mean, acoustic reworkings and living room gigs don’t really work here. The power here is in the aggression, and unless you want to smash the shit out of your stuff you can’t really do a show from your sofa.

So Terror raided the vaults. Four unreleased songs. Released them as limited edition vinyl’s and then put them out as this EP. Four songs, nine minutes of glorious, laser guided aggression, violence and catharsis.

The title track rages. It broods with a malevolence from the get go, and the best thing about Terror is the threat. The feeling that it could all cut loose but instead finds more fun in biding its time.

Jesse Barrett of Stick To Your Guns adds vocals to “Don’t Need Your Time”, thunderous, modern crunchy thrash, with a huge beatdown, while “A New Beginning” (like “….Hell”, a relic of the “Live By The Code” sessions) has a real metal chug and the gang vocals almost say: “take one on, you’ve got to take us all”, the bass groove here, goodness me!

And you can only marvel at the riffing, you can only listen to “You Lost All Respect” and imagine the type of gig that this would have been were it allowed.

For now, though, this is about a band seeking an outlet for their pent up rage, and that’s what “Sink To The Hell” does so brilliantly.

Rating 8.5/10