Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam have been labelled as everyone’s favourite weird-on-purpose rock band. They release their first new material in five years since their` Blackout Cowboy` album with `Mortuary Pantomime` which contains eight numbers that portray their penchant for dark-humour-packed lyrics and driving, layered college rock.

The album opens with `Apocalypse` which is according to the band, about “being a creative person and how it can often feel like whatever you’re doing isn’t as fun or meaningful as your peers, but f*ck it, enjoy yourself, it’s not the end of the world…yet.” A wonderfully eclectic introduction with the opening lyric of “It`s hard to be original”  which leads us on a stop start journey of discovery with all band members engaged in trying to push the envelope or to go beyond the usual or normal limits. We have a much more accessible fairly melodic piece with the oddly titled `Gory Ending`, which at times feels fairly introspective and reflective. 

Of `Thieving` lead singer Pete Dixon says “Thieving is about how people perceive one another, and letting go of the perceptions you can’t control. It takes so much energy to hold a grudge, forgiveness is a powerful drug.” It has a delightful power pop vibe which reminded me of some of the catchy tunes that Weezer were so adept at. There was a similar enchanting feel to `We Like Danger` which races along as if it had a time limit to be heard before expiring.

`ESP` is a kind of break up song and does have an oddly charming sadness about it and invites you to wallow in its off-beat melancholy and heartache. There was a real richness to `Zone` which had a larger that life texture and a number that had so many layers that were revealed as this number evolved.

`I`ll Be The Devil` had a wonderfully captivating and appealing dreamlike melodious quality and was littered with delicious harmonies and excellent guitar chord riffs on route. This long player ends with title track `Mortuary Pantomime` which is a pretty psychedelic offering as the band really let loose for a final fling.

I have to say `Mortuary Pantomime` is a cracker and this Birmingham based sextet of Pete Dixon, Ralph Morton, Andrew Bullock, David Pendril Bentall, Junior Elvis Washington Laidley and Thomas Rees have really come together to present a stunning earworm of an album. It runs at a shade under thirty minutes so kind of leaves you wanting more. I felt there were touches of The Blue Aeroplanes, Foo Fighters and Weezer, but it certainly displays its own original unique identity.

Rating 9 /10

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