Brit metallers are reinvigorated and sounding fantastic

For a while there, at the turn of the decade, you could barely go to a gig without seeing Berkshire’s Primitai opening.

The first time MVM saw them (if memory serves) was opening for White Wizzard in Wolverhampton, whereupon we proclaimed them to be the future of Heavy Metal, bought both the albums from the merch stand and waited for them to become stars.

It needs to be added that around then it did seem as though there was going to be a revival of bands that had Iron Maiden, Priest and mid-period Deep Purple at their leather studded hearts, and it did seem that Primitai were as well placed as anyone to be the poster boys for it. Certainly that second record, “Line Of Fire” was as good as anything that came out back then.

Fast forward six years, to this, the fourth, and happily its even better. In the interim there was the usual raft of line-up changes and another album, but we’d suggest forgetting the past and concentrating on the future, because there is one and its very bright indeed.

Primitai in 2016 are a very different beast than before. There’s confidence, there’s a substance, a swagger, a groove and moreover nine brilliant songs.

Opener “Black Rider” possesses all of these things and more, and showcases a band that is just that little bit better than before.  “Savage Skies” which follows, proves this was no fluke, and in so doing gets its foot on the monitor and really lets rip.

Capable of darker moments too, the title track swings like a wrecking ball and crushes all in its path, beginning as it does with a racing riff from Srdjan and Sergio on guitar while singer Guy is as good as he always was.

When everything aligns for the band – as it frequently does here – Primitai are formidable. “Power Surge” screams huge. Everything about it from its riffery, its solos and its soaring chorus is ambitious, “My Last Escape” knows what its influences are, nods in recognition then leaves its own machine gun rhythms all over the place, and before you can say good ol’ fashioned gallop then along comes “Falling Embers”.

Perhaps knowing it was in need of a ballad, “….Insanity” get one in the shape of the blues-infused “Conclusion Forgone”, but as good as that is, you sense everyone in here is happier when they are getting their Priest on, if you will, on the likes of “Night Hunter”.

An album as good as this one is needs to go out on a high – it does, as “Brace For Storms” really lets its hair down. In fact, it would probably get in the circle pit with you as it heads for the high seas with  yo-ho-ho in its heart and a bottle of rum in its hand.

It really is great to see a band such as Primitai, one who has worked so hard and paid so many dues, refocus and return with an album that is quite this superb. “Night Brings Insanity” has seen the outfit drag themselves to the next level. Expect to see them live near you soon.

Rating 9/10



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