“The first single premiered on the bands YouTube channel on 5th January”. Never has a sentence sounded so innocent yet been loaded with more threat.

“Twisted Nerve Endings” is that “single” and I am here to tell you that “I Should Be So Lucky” by Kylie this is not. Rather it’s a nightmarish world of something between aggression and terror.

How three people make such a noise  is a mystery, but we are where we are. Riffs like a concrete block battering you, somewhere in between the NWOBHM and something from black metal’s frozen depths.

Graham Bywater’s leads slash. And to top it all of is a speech from the Rev John Banner about what happens when “good Christians” go bad, or something.

The answer is they probably make “Medusa Lives”. As brutal as it gets. Proto thrash. On the outer limits of taste and decency too, it almost lurks in the shadows to beat you down.

There’s something deeply unsettling about “Paura”, which acts as a de facto intro to “Draw Blood” and given that it tells you that it “is not for the squeamish” then,  to be fair, its right.

Like some cold finger of fate from deep below it does its business with an incredible precision and a streak that really suggests that the end is nigh.

And yet, this is a world that sucks you in, something you can’t resist, like you know it could kill you but its worth the risk for the rewards contained therein.

“The Speed Of Death” is the end too. The band are calling it a day and this is their parting gift. Like moving out and salting the earth in the garden to ruin it for years to come. This is a hell of a way to exit the building,

Rating 8/10