Bernard gets another fix of  Mississippi Bones 

Back in May I reviewed the last Mississippi Bones album upon it’s vinyl release. I gave it 10/10 and named it my album of the year to that point. I was therefore delighted to learn that a new release was on the way and here it is, their 4th full length recording.

The good news is that we have more of the same – big rock riffs, great lyrics, crazy song titles, brilliant cover art and it just begs to ask one big question – how are this Band not one of the biggest on the planet?

‘Bakshi To The Future’ opens this one and is immediately familiar, despite its heaviness and the low key, almost spoken, vocal. ‘Butcher Of The 9 Lunar Mansions’ picks up the pace with its chopped guitar and is swiftly followed by a truly stupendous track – ‘Outhouse Poet (Or Shitty Lyricist)’. This up-tempo anthem requires the volume to be cranked up to enjoy it to best effect. Thundering drums and guitars underpin some great lyrics – no ‘Maybe Baby’ rhymes with these guys. The remaining tracks -‘Sleep Atlas At Last’, ‘Robot Kaiju Hullaballoo’, ‘2600 AD – Jared vs The Space Invaders’, ‘The Eulogy Of Captain Sam Quint’, ‘Cult Of The Behemoth’, ‘Greener Pastures (I hear Chernobyl  Is Nice This Time Of Year)’,’Metaphor Is Just A Word’, ‘The Fly In Your Ointment’ &, ‘Thank You For Listening’ are all great. The album as a whole is a little bit darker and heavier than the one before but is still always easy on the ear and continues to reward repeated listening.

So there we have it – a combination of maximum riffing, educated lyrics and catchy songs – what’s not to like?

No need to thank me for listening, the pleasure is all mine.


Jared Collins – Vocals; Dusty Donley – Guitars; Jason Miller – Drums; Derik Dunson – Guitars & Vocals; Jason Rector – Bass; Heather Collins – Vocals