I love lots of things in this world. But for the purposes of Mini Meltdown’s (and I have a lot of them to be fair, but that’s another story) “Destined For Disaster” I love EP’s and I love music that sounds happy….until you strip away the layers.

I would have liked “….Disaster” based on the power pop, harmonies that recall my favourite Geoff Palmer, Brad Marino and Cheap Trick records, but on the second go – after I’d stopped grinning – I heard the lyrics.

And goodness me. To do this level of honesty with this sort of tune is quite, quite incredible.

The main man, Jon Phillip, it turns out is doing this from a real point of catharsis. He lost his father, developed crippling anxiety and had some relationships go to shit, and this 10 minutes is a real window into that pain.

Anywhere you look on these four songs you’ll find something that you weren’t expecting. “Gonna Miss You” the lead track, is deals with the immense grief of losing a parent, with harmonies that the Beach Boys would love.

“I Wanna Die” is perhaps the most jarring – and arguably the best. A relationship going wrong is horrible, “sitting here thinking I am a waste of space….you know you’ll always be my girl” is a horrible line, but one that rings true for more than would admit it. The low-slung guitar line here is just perfect too.

“Afraid Of Everything” in 92 seconds, nails anxiety. And is kinda punk rock. Well, actually, it kinda sounds like the one the Barenaked Ladies do at the start of “Big Bang Theory”, but bleaker. Almost nihilistic.

Happily, the last of this quartet rather carries on in the same vein. Two and a half minutes of pop rock that could be enjoyed on just about any level, “You Bring Me Down”, however starts with “I’ve had enough of you, you’ve had enough.”

The best thing about this, though, is that it knows you just have to vent and there is light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what the music says. That’s what this means.

Maybe, or maybe its just brilliant rock n roll. You decide.

If this though, is a mini meltdown, I can’t wait for a full on tantrum.

Rating 9/10

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