Review: Marillion: Unconventional (DVD) 2015


Garry runs the rule of the Prog Gods’ new DVD for us

It’s always difficult to review things about bands I absolutely adore and give an unbiased viewpoint on them…..this was not the case here…..this Blu-Ray/ DVD is an absolute must have!!
For any Marillion fan who has attended one of their splendid weekend events and wondered just what goes into constructing said event…..wonder no more, this superbly filmed documentary about the Port Zelande 2015 weekend takes you on an informative ride covering the lengthy planning stage, band rehearsals, on site fan interaction right through to each evenings showtime.
The film is a wonderful insight into a much loved band who are not only prepared to go the ‘extra mile’ to show their fans just how much they mean to them…..but want to!!! The real admiration & love between the band & fans is evident through this documentary.
What you get with this film is an in depth look at the massive undertaking the band goes through to put these events together (let’s not forget the UK & Canadian equivalent weekends too) both musically & technically… hours of music (some not visited for a long while, some never performed live before) and specially recorded film footage to accompany the music on stage.
You also get splendid behind the scenes footage from the Racket Club as the band go through rehearsals…..the Ian Mosley/ Pete Trewavas debate about the time signature of certain songs is a lovely moment as is the H, Mark & Steve discussion over which key a song is played in….it’s all done in an affable manner as you get a glimpse at the real friendship & camaraderie that exists between the band members who have been together since early 1989.
The footage from the Port Zelande event with the band interacting with fans, the quiz games, the moment when fans get to replace band members on stage to play tracks with the band as well as the stunning live shows just makes you want to add a trip to Holland for the next one in 2017…..I know it’s already on my ‘to do’ list.
It’s also interesting to see the band discuss ‘Crowdfunding’ on the film which they basically invented and also how excited they are about the forthcoming new album which will be out in 2016 and possible plans for live shows in the future…..Bigger shows with huge production but also small ‘back to basics’ tours….no matter what the band decides….the fans will welcome it with open arms.
I have been lucky enough to have interviewed all the members of the band over the last three years including Pete & H at the UK weekend this year and was especially pleased to grab a chat with them at the recent Prog Rock Awards in London just after they came off stage with the ‘Live Event’ award for the UK Weekend in Wolverhanpton…’s nice to see the band get rewarded for the tremendous amount of effort they put in to stage these events.
This film whichever format you choose is a real treat, the interviews with the band are insightful and never hurried, the live footage is magnificently filmed, the behind the scenes clips are funny and informative….it’s exactly what you want in a documentary, Marillion fans both new & old will love this and lap it up…..but hopefully music fans who enjoy a well made music film will give it a go…..when something is this good it deserves to be seen by more than just the hardcore fans.
Marillion: Unconventional 
Port Zelande Weekend 2015
Blu-Ray & DVD 
Released Early December 


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