Lucy Grubb is a Norwich born singer songwriter known for blending modern Americana with Country undertones. She has a new EP `Waste My Time` out this month and joining Lucy on this release are Richard Ward (Banjo, Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals), Richard Poynton (Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals), Piers Hunt (Keyboard), Kevin Burton (Bass) and Paul Weston (Drums).

This extended play opens with title track ` Waste My Time` which Lucy relates was written initially about a friend who was going through a difficult relationship and penned from their perspective. But now, in an almost post pandemic era, she feels it represents strength and resilience and being ok with not being in control of everything. It begins with picked guitar chords and a shuffling drumbeat as Lucy`s captivating vocals join in. There`s some charming vocal harmonies and keyboard swathes as the song progresses and at one point we have just Lucy`s vocals over the brushed drum and it has such a delightful vulnerability. We have a more melancholic number with `Other Side` written about the downside of a romance, not only over a physical distance but also a time differential. The use of a banjo seemed to accentuate the yearning in this song.

`You Don`t Do Anything` is the sort of country tinged number that had me reminiscing to holidays in Ireland in my youth where all and sundry would be up and jiving to such an infectious offering. Lyrically it`s an amusing and irresistible slight on a past friendship.

We end with the heart breaking `When It Rains` and it`s a number that will certainly resonate with most of us that have overcome a time where we felt that it was the end of our world. I`m sure it must have been quite cathartic for the singer to relate this past experience.

There was so much to enjoy with these tracks on `Waste My Time` and I thought what Lucy related was so true that these songs come from the last year of her life in music and that she has plenty to learn, and her music will change as she grows. There`s a wonderful honesty about her and her music. If somebody had told me this artist was from Norfolk, Virginia and not Norfolk, East Anglia it wouldn`t have surprised me. England`s East coast have an undiscovered jewel in Lucy Grubb and her band and it`ll be interesting to see the progression of this rising Americana / Country artist.

Rating 9/10