I reviewed Léa Sen`s debut EP last year so was intrigued to discover the follow up `You Of Now Pt. 2` was to be released this month. The singer was born in Cergy, near Paris, but is now based in London and Léa`s vocals have featured on work by Peter O’Grady, better known as Joy Orbison an electronic musician whose style is a coalescence of house, dubstep, UK funky, UK garage and old school jungle. 

This five-track extended play opens with `Dragonfly` with an electronic underlying beat with vocals that display a kind of vulnerability with guitar tones akin to frets being stretched across the neck of the guitar. I read that in some cultures, dragonflies are associated with good luck, and they are seen as symbols of strength, courage, and happiness. This does seem to be at odds to what the artist has shared about the track as it hints of desperation and frustration with a romantic partner. 

There`s more of a dreamy, trippy texture to `Again` which appears to relate to a partner or lover who wants you to assist in changes in their appearance which may well be a metaphor for deeper changes to their life. 

`Luv Him` begins with the sound of running water or maybe a shower with a kind of lethargic guitar chord riff and vocals that explain the narrator`s view on what seems to be a relationship that has soured and a hint at as to why. It has a kind of melancholy that probably mirrors the hurt felt by the participant. There`s an ethereal vibe to (no) with a gliding guitar chord riff and Léa`s vocals surfing atop sharing in a kind of self-examining or cleansing manner the nature of an uneasy relationship endured. 

This release closes out with `Hellcat` which has a trip hop consistency that becomes quite mesmerising and trace like. Another tale of surviving and analysing a bruised romance. 

As with Lea`s previous release, `You Of Now Pt. 2` was a further engaging listen and highlighted the fact that this singer possesses a delightfully rich and varied vocal range. It`s a further offering where the artist lays bare her soul and almost exposes her life and vulnerabilities to us, in an honest an open manner.   

As with Part 1, I look forward to hearing `You Of Now Pt. 3` or an album release in due course. 


Rating 8/10 

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