Review: Ken Pomeroy – Christmas Lights In April (2021)


Ken Pomeroy is a 19-year-old Oklahoma female Folk Americana singer-songwriter of Cherokee descent. She returns with her third release this month with `Christmas Lights in April` which allows her to showcase her mature song writing and smooth vocal delivery.

The album opens with the deeply reflective `Joan` which really paints a picture of the fragility of somebody wounded by what you imagine is a string of unrequited romances. The sentiment in the line “Joan cries alone tonight” is thoroughly heart breaking. We have a further mellow number about another relationship with `Magnolia` shared with just a acoustic guitar, lap steel and the singer`s gentle vocal delivery.

`Truth` is another stripped back affair with steel and acoustic guitars where the singer relates to moving on but accepts it`s much harder than it seems and all the old cliches like “what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger” isn`t really the case. A further tale of a yearned for romantic courtship that seems to have hit a bump in the road follows with `Flannel Cowboy` which has a slightly more up tempo feel. A strummed acoustic guitar and the singer`s aching vocals adds such poignancy to this cut.

`White Noise` has a much more expansive and dreamy feel to it. Again there`s some wistful lap steel tinges throughout, an intricately strummed guitar and vocals that seem to ebb and flow as the number evolves. There`s a more plaintive heading towards forlorn sense to `Grey Skies` another stripped back offering.

`Cowboy Song` is more or less what it says on the tin. A tale written from the perspective of the narrator, a cowboy or rancher and their impressions and outlook on life. The vocals were really joyful on `His Eyes` a quite introspective observance with some delightful resonating vocals.  

`Rain` has some intricate and complex guitar chords that are shared on this meditative quite tranquil musing. The album closes out with title track `Christmas Lights In April` which is another deeply contemplative reflection on life.

I read somewhere that this album was driven by self-reflection and learning to know oneself, with lyrics that belie someone their age and it certainly is. It’s a stripped down submission with mostly vocals and acoustic guitar broken up intermittently with the addition of some lap steel, bass, and synth tinges. The more minimalist structure of this release allows this artist`s very captivating vocal range to really shine. This talented lady is still in her teens and it will be really exciting to see how her career develops.

Rating 8.5 /10

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