Jack Valero, former lead singer of Brighton’s RPM’s, has embarked on a solo journey, and his debut EP “This Is A Nightmare” showcases his musical evolution, gathering together his singles to date.

Clocking in at 17 minutes, this EP effectively encapsulates his musical essence, with the title track “This Is A Nightmare” exemplifying his classic British sound. The seamless fusion of organ and guitar is a testament to his craftsmanship, which resonates throughout the collection.

However, Valero’s versatility shines through as well. “Pull Back The Hammer” could easily find a home on a Levellers record, displaying his gift for storytelling and melody. “Temporary Helplessness” crackles with vibrant energy, but it’s “Catch My Soul” that truly stands out with its garage punk vibe, reminiscent of the gritty pub scenes of the 70s, akin to Dr. Feelgood.

“St George’s Road” offers a sense of warmth and maturity, even as Valero hints at not reflecting in his lyrics – a testament to his depth as an artist. The EP benefits greatly from the skilled production work of Romeo Stodart, who previously collaborated with Valero on another project.

“This Is A Nightmare” is a captivating debut. Valero is undoubtedly a rising talent to watch, and his willingness to chart his own course is to be admired. He’s not the type to Bragg.

Rating 8.5/10

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