Thunder Horse’s “After The Fall” is a sonic journey reals itself almost from the very first note. In a mere 19 seconds, the title track erupts with a thunderous riff that sets the tone for the entire album. If you’re into massive, Down-esque riffs complemented by vaguely psychedelic vocals, then Thunder Horse is your new rock companion.

“Monolith” lives up to its name, delivering a powerful hard rock experience, especially thanks to T.C. Connally’s scorching guitar solo, which pays homage to the greats like Deep Purple. There’s an unmistakable punk rock sentiment woven into the lyrics, with Stephen Bishop’s vocals carrying a clear message: “Too much power in the hands of the few, we’re taking back the power, we’re coming for you.” The band isn’t holding back – they want you to know they mean business.

“Other Side” takes a sharp turn, showcasing a different facet of Thunder Horse. Acoustic and fuzzy, it exudes an almost upbeat vibe, in stark contrast to the dystopian atmosphere of “Apocalypse.” This track challenges any preconceived notions you might have had about Thunder Horse.

Just when you think you’ve figured them out, “Inner Demon” throws you party anthem with its hook that boldly declares, “its time to get fucked up”.” Thunder Horse demonstrates their versatility as they shift gears effortlessly.

“Aberdeen” introduces a more metallic gallop, while “Requiem” looms ominously in the background. It broods and waits patiently, luring you into thinking it’s an epic before delivering its message in just five minutes.

In retrospect, Thunder Horse doesn’t merely reveal itself to you as we said; instead, this Texas-based band pays homage to their influences while still managing to sound refreshingly unique. “After The Fall” is a rollercoaster of sonic experiences, where you’ll find yourself headbanging one moment and introspective the next.

Rating 8.5/10

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