Geese are a five piece experimental / indie / post punk band from Brooklyn comprising Cameron Winter (vocals, keyboards), Gus Green (guitar), Dominic DiGesu (bass), Foster Hudson (guitar) and Max Bassin (drums). There`s been a fair buzz about them and a bidding war to sign them. Their debut album `Projector` is released this month.

The album opens with `Rain Dance` on which we had some delightfully off kilter guitar chords and a racing drum beat leading along this quite eclectic journey that seems to almost sound like Gang Of Four fronted by Mick Jagger singing the hypnotic line of “bring me back to life”. To me there was a more James meets Gomez texture to `Low Era` another captivating number that seems to have an underlying dance vibe.

`Fantasies / Survival` is very stop start which kind of makes it strangely attractive. It has a chugging guitar riff at its heart and vocals that are delivered at times with a slight echo on them. The last section of the song takes off in an oddly surreal jam session which may well be the `survival ` part. There`s a more dreamy sensibility to `First World Warrior` which enjoys a charmingly mesmeric synth like keyboard platform that allows the vocals when shared, to really shine.  

Running at a little under seven minutes `Disco` is anything other than a dance like offering. It has a pounding drumbeat with vocals brusquely delivered atop. We have some interesting psychedelic snatches and out there trippy deviations as this enthralling epic evolves. It doesn’t seem to end but just keel over. Title track `Projector` is an enticing earworm of a song with vocals that nearly purr at times but become a little more assertive in the latter part of this composition.  

`Exploding House` tears off at 100 mph before resuming a more mid paced tone with lyrics shared remotely then more insistently as it seems to stumble along nigh on stopping in the concluding part but then resuming it`s varied and diverse path. I thought `Bottle` was more difficult to describe. It has an underlying backbone of drums and bass with keys sprinkled throughout. The lyrics are presented in an almost lethargic dreamlike fashion.

The album closes out with `Opportunity Is Knocking` which has initially a fast paced beating heart before taking a curve ball and slowing down before once again resuming that rapid pace. There`s even a keyboard section midway and a cinematic musical deviation in the closing part of this wide-ranging blend of ideas.

I thought Projector` was a compelling listen and at times became quite challenging but that to me is the beauty of an album like this. I found it oddly appealing in so many ways that I can`t seem to put into words. If you`re a fan of bands like Wire, A Certain Ratio and dEUS, these guys are for you. There`ve been so may good bands based out of the New York area and Geese certainly have the chops to be another one. As for all the hype that surrounds them, well that s up to you to decide.

Rating 9/10