Want to know the difference between youth and middle age?

Here it is.

On the last track here, “Walrus”, Fudge (the band) vocalist, Cam, spits “I might as well change the world, cos the world needs fucking changing” – he’s right to it does, by the way.

On the second one, the title gives it away: “Not A Threat, Just A Warning”.  The Leeds based four piece have plenty to say, they are brimming with youthful anger, typical, you imagine, of those from the inner cities.

Me: I am sitting here working out if I can get the fact that I don’t like Fudge (the confectionery) in the review.

If I am jaded. They are not. Not a bit of it, “Panic On” bristles with the energy that only the young have got, and these boys clearly believe in the idea that the future is theirs.

To date, they’ve released just three singles. They are all here. In reverse order. This means that “Hugger Mugger” starts things, and thus means the EP begins with the words: “Here we go again, I really think I should begin, by letting you know, just what I think about you….”

And the point is, the bravado here means they would, too.

The delivery of Cam is fabulous, quick fire, scattergun, done in his own accent, giving the idea that he is what Jason Williamson would be if the Sleaford’s actually sang. Musically, Otto rips out the riffs on his lead guitar and there’s a sort of incessant quality, reminiscent of The Virginmary’s, maybe.

There’s something brimming just below the surface of “Not A Threat, Just A Warning”, and the bass groove of “Walrus” – as Tom on the four string and Angus on drums take centre stage – is wonderful, and seems to be the embodiment of the vibe. Almost nihilistic, “I was born into the darkness” it goes, before opting to take it on. Head on.

Ultimately, though. This is one of those records that seems to work on the principle, that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and 12 minutes that should jolt those who live a comfortable life.

But Fudge, you know? It’s sickly, crumbly, wannabe toffee, what is that all about.

Rating 8.5/10