Review : Final Coil – Somnambulant II EP (2021)


Final Coil are a three piece band that blend elements of alternative, progressive and post- rock. They have released two albums and numerous EP`s and have a brand new extended play called `Somnambulant II` released this month which follows on from their 2014 release `Somnambulant`.

This extended play opens with `Corruption (Shadows Of A Dream)` which begins with piano keys, a drum machine beat and vocals that are delightfully dreamy when they join. It`s a quite ethereal kind of listen. There`s a similar vibe to `Lost Hope (Trip)` which has dual vocals that almost overlap at times. A number that is quite mesmeric as it progresses.

`Waste Yr Time (Quills & Trees)` has an almost chant like feel in the vocal delivery shared over a backdrop of fuzzy edgy guitar riffs and a sluggish like drumbeat. It seems to gather a musical potency of it`s own as it evolves and fades away just before you feel it will erupt. We have a brief nigh on musical soundscape with `Echoes Of Corruption (Zero Sum)` with a fusion of swirling synths, a clanged piano key, and remotely shared vocals which all ends quite abruptly.

There`s a much more not aggressive but forceful texture to `Conviction Of The Right (Industrial Slaughter)` on which I have to say I loved the almost tribal drumbeat, distorted vocals, and slightly troubling lyrical content. I felt there was a much more melancholic sense to `Imaginary Trip (Still)` where the accomplished piano inflections added a really rich poignancy to the overall aural texture of the song.

There`s a bonus track with `…And I’ll Leave (Outsider)` which is a real curved ball. A sort of drum and bass musical background with vocals that are rapidly shared throughout, not what I was expecting at all.

There was so much to enjoy on `Somnambulant II` from Final Coil who are Phil Stiles (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, synths, and programming), Richard Awdry (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, and programming) and Jola Stiles (bass guitar and flute). I have to admit I was not aware of their work but will certainly be venturing into their back catalogue on the strength of this release.

Rating 8.5/10

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