Good clean fun

If we can’t be honest on MV then frankly where can we be? So here’s an admission. Intentionally whacky stuff, nah, never got the appeal. Never understood how people can like music that is deliberately….lets call it challenging.

For example, as much as these ears love Ginger Wildheart, when he releases stuff like Mutation, well that can go back to the back of the queue when it comes to listening pleasure.

It was through this prism that we received this, the new EP from Falls.

There was a word in the press bundle that came with it that put us off. The first one as it goes: “Eccentric Rockers……”

Eccentric conjures up horrible images of “self-styles jokers”. You know, the sort of wanker that goes to the office Christmas Do in an ever so funny jumper to prove how much of a laugh they are. Note, these are usually the same sort of tosser that calls themselves by a nickname only they use and honestly, should all be shot. (MV, by the way, books the day off to miss the works Christmas meal, so you best believe how much we hate “forced fun”.)

Anyway, before we travel further down the road of our own personal bitterness, the point we are making here, I eccentricity can do one.

But, then, if we had let misanthropy mean we hadn’t listened to this, that would have been a shame,  because this is ace.

“This” being “Cream” and it is four tracks with as glorious a lack of respect for structure and the rulebook as anything out there (and this rambling review if we are honest).

Across its quartet of wonderfulness, there are echoes of Faith No More, and a whole heap of funk.  It kicks of with a dark riff, and frankly there’s nothing too remarkable about the first minute of “Berries”….then something happens. It finds another gear and heads off like an unruly child with on a three day Sunny Delight bender.

All of which is precursor for it’s best song – and one of the finest choruses of 2016. If you aren’t singing “show me something that I wanna regret tomorrow” by the end – after shouting “that good clean fun’s getting hard to find” just before, then we can offer no help, except to say listen to “Daytime N U” again until you get it.

“Liberator” shows another side to a band that either is brimming with ideas, or is bored -probably both. Another catchy, funky, heavy little strutter, it offers more twists, turns and surprises than most bands in an album (Christ, some in a career!)

And there’s still time for its heaviest chugger, the potty mouthed “Live Delicious” which if it was Every Time I Die” would be on the front page of Metal Hammer. It ends an EP which is astonishing on just about any level you can name.

This eccentric lark, yeah, you know, it ain’t all bad.

Rating 9/10

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