Review: Emily Breeze – “Confessions of an Ageing Party Girl”


Oscar Wilde said, “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect”. and I have to say Bristolian chanteuse Emily Breeze`s second single from her eagerly awaited second album is not what I expected. Her much heralded debut album “Rituals” was released last September and highlighted the talents of this lounge-noir chanteuse who is one of Bristol`s best kept secrets. The follow up single “Hey Kidz” released earlier this year, added more fuel to the fire

But “Confessions of an Ageing Party Girl” is stunning. Full stop. It opens with a beating drum and gently plucked haunting guitar chords before Emily joins in to relate this tale of as it says, an ageing party girl. It`s spoken word at first and her sultry tones would be good enough but as the mesmerising synth swatches join in, the chorus is a joy to behold with Emily singing the killer line of “The party’s over, baby, but I’m never going home, I’ll wrap my arms around a stranger, nothing glitters when your gone”.

Yeah it does feel like you`re in a gothic disco but this has a joyous danceable feel as well as that underlying menace. Think of Twin Peaks or the Buffalo Bill dance track `Goodbye Horses` from Silence of the Lambs blended with German dance-rock/electropop diva Gina X. This track really highlights the dexterity of vocal range that this West Country rock goddess has and I for one cannot wait for the new album to drop.

As Ms Breeze relates “Nothing glitters when your gone”.

Rating 10/10

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