Following their highly acclaimed “Positive Thinking” double opus, DZ Deathrays return with their latest album, “R.I.FF,” which sees the Australian duo delving into a shiny, glam rock stomping mood. From start to finish, this album is a captivating display of their musical evolution as they explore new sonic territories while staying true to their energetic and bratty indie rock roots.

The opening track, “Paranoid,” sets the tone with its big shiny hooks and infectious melodies. “Tuff Luck” hits hard with its ’90s floor-filling sound, featuring a bold and unapologetic chorus that screams, “Tuff luck, motherfucker.” The track embodies a rebellious spirit and showcases the band’s ability to craft infectious and punchy tunes.

“Shadow Walk” follows suit, delivering sloganeering hooks. “King B” emerges as a standout song, appealing to fans of DMAS but with a glam rock twist.

“My Mind Is Eating Me Alive” takes a slight detour, offering a moment of introspection amidst the electrifying energy. With its Stone Roses-like hum, the song dives into personal struggles. “Grounded Or Dead” slows down the pace.

Closing the record, “No Talk” erupts with a real punk-infused energy, a relentless and explosive track that leaves a lasting impression, solidifying DZ Deathrays’ ability to craft compelling and diverse music.

What makes “R.I.F.F” even more impressive is the fact that the album was entirely made by the band and their producer. This level of creative control and autonomy shines through in every aspect of the record. DZ Deathrays’ vision has been fully realized, resulting in a cohesive and engaging album that showcases their growth as musicians.

Rating: 8/10

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