There’s so much ace music from Boston – and I don’t just mean the obvious Aerosmith’s and Dropkicks – its ridiculous. There’s a label up there called Rum Bar Records that sends me more releases than I can review for goodness sake – and that’s before I’ve got onto this.

Another of the Bostonians Duck And Cover can go squarely into the MV faves category at this point. “Attention Economy” is the third of theirs that I’ve attempted to explain why you need it in your life. With this one as its only three songs and about eight minutes long, then I am tempted to scream “just listen to the damn thing!” but that kind of renders the website pointless, so away we go.

The trio of tunes are being released over three months. The first one is already out, “Memento Mori” is – by and large – the zeitgeist of this band captured. And this is meant as no disrespect (although it sounds like damning them with feint praise) but the beauty is in the simplicity. Riffs, attitude, a hell of a groove and a singer who was made to be the frontman in a rock n roll band.

The four piece have been around forever in as many Boston bands as you can shake your moneymaker at, and it shows. The punky lip curl of the title track is a mighty fine piece of music, as full of harmony as it is intent. The hook sneaks up on you a little, like you didn’t know it was branded in your brain….then there it is.

The last one – May’s edition if you will – is “You Wreck Me” and if you’re hoping for a Tom Petty cover, then you’re sorted, except rather like those films that are “based on a true story”, this isn’t really the same as Tom’s. Just a basis. But it is played with an evident and very real love, oh and the guitar solo is a cracker.

Duck and Cover then: a band that loves what they do, but is exceptional at it. Just pay attention.

Rating 8.5/10

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