I have to say I enjoy all genres of music and contributing to this site I get to hear such a wonderfully varied range. So, when Doug Tuttle came across my radar, I thought who?       Doug is a guitarist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter whose first band, Mmoss were a deeply psychedelic project. After they split he released five solo albums in a similar vein but has shifted musical gears and recorded in a home studio. He`s explored folk/rock, psych and classic rock and has blended elements of each. He has an EP `Pinecone` released this month which was conceived throughout the 2020 pandemic.

This extended play opens with `Bruised and Bothered` and it`s a melodic melancholic piece that does seem like a tale related about somebody who has been hurt in a relationship and is maybe now only able to overcome that apprehension of re-joining society and has finally ventured out. At times it reminded me of some of the introspective numbers that John Grant shares. A drum machine beat, and acoustic guitar guide us into `Lead Mask` a song that feels like it should have been written by the late Tom Petty. There are some delightfully intricate jangly Byrds like electric guitar chords shared during this captivating track.

The title of `Darkness Under Blight` conjures up a desolate picture but the track is really a mid-tempo paced melodious trip which had a sort of Beatles tinged trippy psychedelic texture about it. There`s a similar vibe to `Liber Gold` but with some interesting guitar chords and synth swathes.

We close out with `Weak Ends` with synth keys, strummed guitar and a constant drumbeat setting the pace for this breezy number that has much more of an expansive summery feel about it.

The `Pinecone` EP was quite an absorbing and enjoyable listen which seemed to mix a sort of melancholy psych-pop with lo-fi tinges. Doug has a rich and melodic vocal range but the songs on this release didn`t really challenge his obvious ability and seemed quite similar in tone. They came from a period of isolation due to the pandemic lock down so it`ll be interesting to hear what he has to offer as the situation opens up and improves.


Rating 8/10