Degreed’s seventh album, “Public Address,” is a triumphant return for the band, making up for the setbacks caused by the pandemic that derailed their sixth album. With “Public Address,” Degreed proves that they are back and better than ever, delivering a solid and dependable record that stays true to their hard rock roots.

The album kicks off with the aptly named track “Big Plans,” immediately setting the tone with its hard rock edge and soaring chorus. The guitar solo on this track is nothing short of impressive, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the song.

“Who Are You (To Say)” brings proper 80s vibes, capturing the essence of that era with its catchy hooks and energetic sound. It’s a track that is sure to get fans of that era feeling nostalgic and engaged.

“Way Of The World” exudes confidence and class, showcasing the band’s maturity and growth as musicians. This song demonstrates their ability to create music that is both powerful and refined.

“This Is Love” takes a step back in time, sounding like it could easily belong on the soundtrack of a classic 80s movie like Rocky III. Its nostalgic feel is well-executed and enjoyable.

“Ride Along” starts off with a dirty groove but then settles into a more melodic AOR style. This dynamic shift shows the band’s versatility and willingness to explore different musical territories.

“Free Again” serves as a representative track for the album. While the sound may be predictable, it doesn’t take away from the overall fun and enjoyment it provides. Sometimes sticking to what you know best can yield satisfying results.

“Don’t Be A Stranger” delivers on the promise of being a piano ballad, showcasing the band’s ability to craft emotionally resonant tunes. It adds a nice change of pace to the album, displaying the band’s ability to handle softer moments.

“A Safe Place” introduces a more modern sheen to the album, and the guitarist, Daniel Johansson’s talent shines through on this track. It’s when they push the boundaries, as evident in “No One,” that Degreed truly stands out. They excel at what they do, as “For You” demonstrates.

The album closes with “Pressure,” a track that lives up to its name, delivering on every promise the band has made throughout the record. It wraps things up on a high note, leaving listeners satisfied.

While “Public Address” may not be the most groundbreaking or exciting album, it doesn’t have to be. Degreed proves that rock can be solid and dependable while still entertaining listeners. It showcases the band’s growth and highlights their strengths as musicians.

Rating: 7/10

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