COSSE are a post-rock noise quartet based in Paris, France and consist of Nils Bö (vocals, guitar), Felipe Sierra (guitar), Lola Frichet (bass) and Tim Garson (drums). They released their debut extended play `Nothing Belongs to Anything` in 2020 and have their debut long player `It Turns Pale` out this month. 

The album opens with `Crazy Horse` and it blossoms from a small acorn into an enormous oak in the space of four minutes. It comes gently to life with interweaving guitar chords and a guiding drum beat as aching anguished vocals float atop and will almost have you spellbound. There`s a much faster pace to `Tangerine` with its anxiety filled vocals and music to match which gives it a fairly edgy tense ambience throughout its lifespan. Two thirds of the way through it almost stops but staggers along with a nervous stop start tension before “There is no way out”  is screamed at its conclusion. 

`Evening` is another powerhouse of a track which ebbs and flows as it evolves. There are segments that have guitar riffs and more pensive, mediative, and melodic parts where introspective lyrics are spoken and shrieked. The final minute or so kind of explodes with scorching guitar riffs before quietly fading. We have what may be a philosophical musing with `Easy Things` which almost seems like an analysis or  self-examination of one`s own personality or being.   

Braindow` is initially thoughtful nigh on otherworldly and dreamlike not quite ethereal but certainly heading that way before it meanders off in the latter section on a kind of musical jam twisting and turning in direction which reminded me of some of Radiohead`s wistful compositions. We have a kind of angst ridden mix match of sorts in `Mind Facilities` which bounces along but stutters at times on route. Indeed, it takes a time out two thirds of the way through where the singer shares some theoretical thoughts before returning and continuing on its blazing pathway.   

Title track `It Turns Pale` has hushed tones and is a wonderfully mellow quite observational intricately executed offering and although it runs to six minutes, it never feels overly long. We have a very brief soundscape in `Clouds Are Not Really Moving`.  

`Sinner God` which is possibly an oxymoron or at least seemingly a contradictory title has complex and elaborate guitar chords and a drum cadence leading us in with questioning vocals before it becomes more experimental and nearly veers into the realms of psychedelia before ending unexpectedly. The album closes out with `Slow Divers` which is deeply contemplative and drifts along as a ripple would upon a pool of water. 

`it Turns Pale` was a really enjoyable listen with complexly played guitar chords and interweaving harmonies supported by a guiding percussive beat and lyrical content that frequently stimulated you to sit up, listen and pay attention. 

Cosse is defined as being the long seedcase of the pea, bean etc. and maybe this is a metaphor to the band being a capsule for the propagation of their intelligent brand of noise / indie math rock., we can only surmise. 

Rating 9/10 

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