Punk man Steve loves the Chelsea new one 

This is an excellent album full of the rock and roll swagger but given that it features James Stevenson from the first recording line-up and Nic Austin from the Evacuate period both on guitar this is not surprising.  “Mission Impossible” the follow up to ‘Saturday Night Sunday Morning’, released in 2014, will please fans, its Chelsea doing that they do best, anthemic, powerful and catchy punk.

With two years of killer festival appearances and growing show attendances this is a band on form, full of energy and showing no sign of age.

Opener and title track ‘Mission Impossible’ with its chugging guitar, catchy chorus and wicked lead riffs sets the scene for an album full of great anthems, such as ‘I Can’t Take This’, ‘Control’, ‘Let Me Go’  and ‘You’re No Fun’.  ‘Let Me Go’ is an excellent singalong and I would expect tracks like this will go down a storm live.

Fashion finds October at his best this and this is a great pop punk track. ‘I Don’t Know’ is unashamedly Ramonesesque but if you’re gonna take a riff why not take the best.

Chelsea gave the Punk movement many of its anthems “Right To Work” being a landmark single.  ‘Just Like Me ‘could be the natural follow on to the Right to Work released 40 years ago.

‘Suit in the Spotlight’ with its reggae tinges and tight up-tempo chorus shows that they have developed massively over the years. To me this is the standout track full of changes, excellent playing and a big chorus.  Similarly, ‘Something in the Air’ switched between reggae and rock with ease before unleashing the killer chorus.

The album ends with ‘Make It Happen’ and they certainly do that. If only all bands that have done the distance sounded this good.