Nottingham-based Indie rockers Blondes release their EP `In Separation` which follows the band’s debut EP `Out The Neighbourhood`. The band have shared that the release “explores the ways in which we become disconnected from one another, taking you on an emotional journey through separation to reconciliation. It speaks to the ways we live with, and without, each other.”

Our introduction is `Love In The Afternoon` a dreamy slice of indie pop with lyrics that seem to be about a romantic liaison where the narrator isn`t sure if the person they are with is whom they thought they were looking for. There`s a bit of a reggae lilt at the beginning of `The Basement` before it takes off and becomes a faster-paced reverie but dips in and out as it progresses. A track that appears to be about a one-sided love affair.

`Beautiful World` is a thoughtful reflective offering that alludes to how we take our environment and each other for granted. A mesmeric melodic submission. I found `Best Friends` quite an absorbing earworm and it really drew me in. The vocal delivery is fairly gentle and the musical accompaniment delightfully complementary.

The band seem to loosen up and unleash their inner selves on `Does It Rain On You? ` which may well be a subtle hint towards the subject of depression. We have a pounding drum beat and much more forceful guitar and bass chords as the vocals float atop. This six track extended play closes with `Conversations` which kind of returns to a more reflective, introspective dream pop musing about everyday occurrences with your friends.

`In Separation` shows a band in progression and highlighted that this ensemble have real talent and I`m sure their next release will take them to where they are aiming for.

Rating 8 / 10

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