Chase Spruiell writes and performs music as Big Loser. His latest EP `Left on Delmar Drive`, I read, is an exercise in exorcism, of purging the negative to make room for the positive. It would appear to be about an intense relationship that ran it`s course. The narrator accepted that he played his part but only realised how toxic it was once the fog had cleared.

This extended play opens with `Resentment # 9` which is a brief gently shared evaluation of the singer`s doomed romance over a strummed acoustic guitar. It cuts off suddenly which may be a metaphor of said relationship. We have a fairly musically uplifting indie offering with `The Speed Of Pain` where the tale shared seems to highlight the difficulties of his dissolved partnership in a buoyant detached manner. There was a delightfully brief guitar solo towards the end.

If the previous number was lyrically almost light-hearted `I`m Rubber, You`re Glue`, certainly is not.   The chorus is a chant of “it must be shit to be you” which maybe will be a crowd pleaser when shared live. The track has a fairly charming hurtling indie vibe with some intricate guitar chord riffs and nice harmonies. We close out with `Logistics` which really sums it up and is the compromising share of the day-to-day household items that remain after the love has left, just before you physically do as well. A bouncy composition about a pretty emotive undertaking which slows down towards the conclusion.

When I read the blurb and subject matter for `Left on Delmar Drive`, I though nah but I have to say it was worth pursuing and running at just over the ten-minute mark you can whack this four tracker on repeat and let these indie pop gems really sink in. Chase was aided and abetted on this release by Kostia Cavalié (lead guitar), Johnnie McBryde (bass, backing vocals) and Liam Goude (drums).

I`m sure this submission was pretty cathartic, but also, quite liberating, and ultimately healing.

As this artist is back on track, I look forward to discovering what he creates on his next offering.

Rating 8 / 10

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