Bedrooms are a dream pop, shoegaze / slowcore and everything in between quartet from Dublin comprising Dev McGarry (guitar, lead vocal), Fionn Montague (lead guitar, backing vocals), Dane Staunton (bass, backing vocals) and Ste O’Leary (drums). Their debut EP ‘The Afterglow’ is out this month and was recorded with Bill Ryder Jones, co-founder, and once guitarist in The Coral.

This three track extended play opens with `For Today` which builds with quietly shared vocals and guitar as drums and bass add to this quite hypnotic piece. It becomes almost mesmerising as it progresses until the last ninety seconds where it takes a slight curve ball and opens up a little more assertively with some delightful backing harmonies. There`s a much more upbeat summer vibe to `Dancing in the Circle K` which hurtles along with a real stirring enthusiasm with fast paced drumming and intricate guitar chords and vocals that float above.

This all too brief offering closes with `in yer pocket` which is a laid back almost introspective composition which enjoys a dreamy texture as it ebbs and flows through its journey.

`The Afterglow` really did what it said on the tin and left me with a warm feeling of serenity. The band have been together some time and it shows in the ability of these musicians to deliver some quite accomplished and captivating tunes. Dev McGarry sings with a slight Dublin centric accented twang which I think adds to the overall atmosphere of these songs. Three tracks is a decent taster but never enough, so I for one will be looking forward to hearing a full blown album in the not too distant future.

Rating 9 /10

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