All proceeds from downloads of this song will go directly to benefit the family.

Rev. Jim Forrester was murdered, as you may know, leaving behind a grieving widow just before Christmas. This is the newest Foghound song, tracked with Frank Marchand while working on the new full length album, and was to be used as a special split 7″ project. Instead, we’re releasing it now to benefit the family of Rev Jim.
About this track, Chuck Dukehart III, Rev’s good friend and band mate in Foghound, had this to say. “It’s funny, because I actually wrote the lyrics to this song about perseverance in the face of adversity, specifically with him in mind after his first big health scare, but it’s kind of a universal truth. Keeping on keeping on, no matter the odds and the bullshit thrown in your way…. Head down, keep on Shoveling….”
“Keep on Shoveling” is available at a name your price download at Ripple Music Bandcamp page. 
Please help support the family of our slain brother, enjoy a rockin’ heavy track, and let’s get Justice for Jim.