A Rethink On Robin’s Part Means Album Title Change


How the fact a pop singer “got there first” caused a problem for Robin McAlpine.

Singer Emile Sande might not be immediately the sort of name you can expect to see on Maximum Volume Music, but if she hadn’t picked a cool album title then they have been different for one of our hottest tips for 2015.

Allow us to explain. British guitarist Robin McAlpine may well have released the instrumental record of the year with “A Rethink On My Part,” but it was intended to be called something completely different before, well, Ms Sande caused a rethink.

Robin takes up the story: “I had the idea of ‘My Version of Events’ and was told that Emile Sande had got there first so there was a rethink on my part, which my friend Gary, who also did my artwork,  suggested that as a title. After thinking about it (ha!) if fitted pretty well as my approach to the whole project had been a complete change to how I approach music in the past -so there it was.”

The result is an instrumental record in the classic mode and Robin speaks fondly of those that influence him most: “Tony MacAlpine – apart from sharing a surname with him, his musicality is just stunning – I was watching the PSMS DVD which has an interview with Billy Sheehan who simply pours the complements on Tony. I also admire the guys that can bring out sounds not normally found from a guitar like Jeff Beck, and those that make just a few chords and notes so effective, so that’s got to be Angus Young.”

There will be plenty to more to come from Robin – as well as a review of “A Rethink On My Part” soon

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