Resurrection Men Must Die!


…..but not before you’ve gone to Bandcamp and brought their album

The term “with a difference” applied to music can on occasion be lazy journalistic cliche when the writer hasn’t a clue what to term the band they are listening to as.

You will have to forgive us, then if we describe Coventry’s Resurrection as Stoner Rock. With. A. Difference.

The band asked us to check them out, and when we did, what we found was something that actually cannot be lumped anywhere, one minute they are riffing away Fu Manchu, the next it’s all angular and acerbic like Therapy? Then it’s something else altogether.

RM included a review which pretty much nailed it, actually. They were, it said: ” A unique hybrid sound that sits somewhere in the middle of The Pixies, Kyuss and Russian Circles.”

That about covers it.

The album by the way? It’s superb.


We’ll review it next week and will be speaking to the guys for future features.

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