A Black Metal band fronted by a man called Psychopomp. Our guess is that it isn’t his real name

Phantasmal was formed in 2012 AD by Wraith and Psychopomp in order to combine their unique takes on the glory of heavy metal, the aggression of thrash metal, and the vitriol of black metal. ‘

The Reaper’s Forge’, their debut demo issued in 2014, stands as their initial mission statement towards that goal: white hot black metal screaming straight for your neck.

Guitar, Drums: Wraith
Bass Guitar, Vocals: Psychopomp

Created 2014 by Phantasmal.
Cover art and logo by Seth Bennett.

“The Reaper’s Forge” – Demo (2014) Self released

Bandcamp: http://phantasmalmetal.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/phantasmalmetal