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Swedish death metal mob sign new deal 

Swedish assault combo Sanctrum have signed a worldwide deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their upcoming sophomore masterpiece “ROT”.

The album, which features 10 tracks of pure sonic violence, was recorded during September-October 2014 and was produced by Lawrence Mackrory (F.K.Ü. Darkane).

Check the preview here

Speaking of their new home Sanctum said:

“We are extremely happy and excited to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with WormHoleDeath records for the release of our most ambitious project to date, our sophomore album ROT! The WormholeDeath crew
have really taken us under their wings, giving our album all the attention and recognition it deserves. It’s an honor to join forces with WormHoleDeath, and we feel we have found good partners who are as passionate
about ROT as we are! We put our hearts and souls into the writing and recording of this album over the course of last year. The album is bigger, heavier, and more ferocious than we ever could imagine at the start of the
writing process. It is our best work by far, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

The label boss, Worm said. “When I got Irfan’s email I thought: Uppsala / Sweden … Ok then, let me check this out right now.After that, I just remember that I saw red. When I regained consciousness in an ambulance my office mates told me how it went.

Minute 1: the whole office was cold and dark…Minute 3: the whole office was devastated by black winds of destruction and nordic storms…Minute 10: My ears started bleeding and I felt like desperate … Minute 20: I lost
consciousness … Dragonslayer began and I felt that my soul was departing from my body…Minute 25: Swat broke through the door to save us from the blast … Minute 30: An hestatic state of coma arrived … End of record:
The deal offer was ready and a superior infernal force ordered me to send it to the band immediately.

Ok then, jokes apart… I am absolutely proud to announce the signing of this band as I just feel that this record is a great opportunity of growth for our label.”ROT” is ferocious and pays tribute to no-one. “ROT” simply stands out for
its tuneful brutality and the tracks clearly exude with the band’s attitude and conviction. SANCTRUM is a force of nature leaving you breathless, gasping for air…It’s like when the sky is low and you gather up its harm and gods with grateful arms.”

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