In a world where punk rock seems to change definition more times than most people change their minds, Australian NSW South-Coast based Radio Rejects stick to the true definition of the genre. Influenced by old school 4-Chord and 90s skate punk, the Rejects push the true ideology that punk rock is all about fun and dare we say rad times – but sometimes music can be used to address a darker side.

Their upcoming single Monsters, to be released on 30th October, was written as an anti-bullying song by Radio Rejects singer Smith. At a young age Smith was bullied and picked on a lot, which over the years ended up with him developing some inner demons and mental health issues.

These issues contributed to him being somewhat of an introvert and shy, which was often mistaken as being arrogant, when truth is, his inner head space would cause him to think people didn’t like him without giving them a chance to prove otherwise. This gave off an impression of him being “cold”. The song focuses on the long term effects bullying can cause, and as in a lot of cases, the people you consider to be a “Monsters” were made over the years of being treated like garbage.

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