Svart Records recently announced the release of “Unissa palaneet”, the sophomore album by the Helsinki quintet Radien. Having begun their existence on the earthly plane in 2014, Radien have forged their brand of idiosyncratic amplifier worship with passion that is in full bloom on “Unissa palaneet”. The debut album “SYVYYS” (2018), given a warm welcome by the international doom/sludge crowd, swam in murkier and more monotone waters, whereas the follow-up presents breathtakingly heavy widescreen sludge that paints its oozing black hues in technicolor.

“Unissa palaneet” tells a story of a person who finds a calm spot inside himself or herself amid chaos, and starts to see visions and dreams of the end times of humanity. The band comment,

“The protagonist’s dreams turn lucid, and he/she understands them being prophecies of the future. He/she understands being capable of altering the course of history through his visions, but in the end decides that it is best to let things happen as they are meant to happen and not intervene in anything. In the end the dreams and visions mix with one another and become reality. Nature strikes back at humanity and in the end the human era ends in flames and ash”, comments the Felipe Hauri from the band. 

According to the band new single ‘Seinämän Takana’, which features Dylan Walker from Full of Hell “depicts a moment when the boundaries between dreams and reality break. Dreams and visions are no longer merely dreams, but omens waiting to manifest themselves in reality.” 

Listen to the single now – https://youtu.be/HzKeipbqicg

“Unissa Palaneet” will be released on May 19th 2023 by Svart Records. The album is mixed by Sanford Parker (YOB, Eyehategod) and mastered by James Plotkin. It features international guest appearances by Dylan Walker (Full of Hell), Mike Paparo (Inter Arma) and Italian multi-instrumentalist Lili Refrain.  

Radien has shared the stage stage with numerous Finnish bands and international touring artists, such as Dopethrone (CAN), Barren Womb (NO), Full of Hell (US) and Inter Arma (US).  

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Jyri Kuukasjärvi – vocals

Felipe Hauri – guitar, synth, vocals

Tommi Mutka –bass, vocals

Tuomo Lehtinen – drums

Martti Rasa – guitar 




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