Today, Status Quo reveal ‘Liberty Lane’, written by Francis Rossi and John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, a brand new track taken from their much anticipated forthcoming album ‘Backbone’.

Listen to ‘Liberty Lane’ here:

Their brand new album ‘Backbone’ features of a trio songs drawn from the classic partnership of Rossi/Young as well as contributions from all of the rest of the band. This is the record that shows that the creative fires burn as brightly as ever within the group’s founder Francis Rossi, despite it being the first Quo album not to feature the late great Rick Parfitt in any way. ‘Backbone’ is a great Status Quo album. Simply: it had to be in order for it to see the light of day. Things change, the wheels keep rolling, this is now.

The eleven-track album was recorded at Francis’ studio in the late months of 2018 and into this year. The sessions were initially just to keep the juices flowing, improvise and have fun. As the hours rolled on, songs stacked up, everyone began to believe that special was happening. And so it proved.

’Backbone’ is a real statement of where the band is right now, and I’m really pleased with it, and knocked out about how everyone played and contributed.”, says Francis Rossi. “There’s a sense of unity about the whole collection and about the band in itself. This album is about change as well as unity; now that Richie has settled in to being a full member of the band and we have performed 130 shows, this is the sound of Quo in 2019. Whilst to us it sounds fresh and vital, we’ll never lose that signature Quo sound.