Still plucking after all these years…

Walter Egan has a new studio offering of 14 great songs called Pluck! dropping on 25 November 2022 via Red Steel. His fifteenth solo record, it follows his 2021 critically acclaimed album “fascination“, the song-cycle about groupie supreme and author, Pamela Des Barres.

The first single and video from Pluck! is his take on the Stevie Nicks’ and Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams, in which he pays tribute to the inspiration behind his most famous song Magnet and Steel

The iconic Ms. Nicks was a muse through the amazing maze of his early career. Walter says, “In the heady early days of my relationship with Stevie and the members of Fleetwood Mac the word ‘deluxe’ was in vogue as an expression of pleasure and delight as well as excellence. The first song I ever wrote from Stevie’s inspiration is Woman Deluxe. Written in 1976, it’s a well-seasoned offering.” Recorded some forty years on it sounds fresh and vibrant and has been included on this 14 strong album.
Pluck!, is a culmination and an accumulation of songs from the recent and distant past, all of which have not previously seen the light of day. 

Pluck! is a metaphoric musical trip from summer to summer where each season’s devotions and emotions, and life as Walter sees it, are presented in rollicking rock and roll and thoughtful ballads.
Pluck!, is also what you do to the strings of a guitar, and what happens to the strings of your heart when that special person arrives.
Walter says he had a decade’s worth of fun making the tunes for this album with his band, especially mainstay drummer Ron Krasinski and pianist, co-writer and vocal collaboratrix Beth Sass.”
The album carries another track honouring a female musical icon, Dolores carries the double meaning of a name and a name for sorrow. It is Walter’s remembrance of Dolores O’Riordan the wonderful lead singer for the Cranberries whose life became tragedy.

Other highlights are the vibrant ‘Glad To Be Alive’ which is an ode to Robin Williams, the haunting ‘Little One’ and the Shadows-esque title track ‘Pluck!’
As Walter states, “Pluck! means to never give up” and that’s what this fifteenth solo album is for him – a long time plucking his guitar strings, keeping on keepin’ on  and always keeping the faith in the music.