Scottish Alternative Music Awards’ best rock/alternative winners, GALLUS announce their debut album ‘We Don’t Like the People We’ve Become’, set for release 9th June 2023 on Marshall Records. Teeming with nervous energy, its overcaffeinated undertow will drag listeners on a journey of self-loathing, self-medication, and self-love. A joyful downward spiral of manic neuroticism expertly orchestrated by the working-class Scottish indie-punks.

The announcement is accompanied by the band’s frantic new video ‘Eye to Eye’. Watch – HEREFans can find more information and tickets for the tour – HERE.

“The album’s title is from Sickness and Health, which best sums up the album’s mood and theme;” comments guitarist and backing vocalist Eamon Ewins. “it’s a coming-of-age tale, but with quite a pessimistic spin. Everything gets worse, you get older, then you’re dead… It’s not all doom and self-pity though” Ewins jests. “We wanted the album to be a cathartic, self-deprecating and uplifting journey, and we hope that we’ve achieved just that. Hopefully we’ve learned how to crack a smile by album 2.”

Speaking on their anxiety inducing new single, the guitarist adds:

“Eye To Eye was when I grew tired of the constant hoops I had to jump through when in search of a minimum wage job. Company values. Ethos. The cost of your own principles? The lowest wage a multimillion-pound company can get away with paying you. The song tries to express the frustration of having no autonomy or independence in the workplace. Shit work for shit wages, and you’ll do it with a smile.”

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