MV asks: Where does this leave Danger Mouse? (terrible joke, we know)

Four years after a first full-length ‘Temporary autonomous zone’, a bunch of gigs and some months of hard work, Swiss new-prog’/jazz/electronica/experimental outfit from geneva Penfield is about to release its new full-length effort called ‘Parallaxi5’ planned for a release in the coming months.

In the meantime, the band just released a first single “La physique anarchique” available right now for digital exclusive / streaming on Bandcamp and the main legal platforms such as iTunes….  

The new-prog project inspired by a conceptual brain stimulator created by Sci-Fi cult author Philip K.Dick is its novel ‘Blade Runner’, Penfield is a five-piece Swiss entity evolving between prog, jazz, electronica and post-rock music.

Formed by members and contributors of various bands (Lilium Sova, Delicatefunk, Marie Dahlstrom, Distrip, NAJAVIBES, Fractal Point, Garadh, Rorcal…) with long-time experience, Penfield created a cinematic music which can be describe as soundtrack of invisible movies. For its live shows, the band plays with VJ’s in order to make real audio/visual creations on stage for a better and immersive experience.

In 2012, the band officially released a first audio recording with a one-track album called ‘Temporary autonomous zone’ before to work – one year later – on a score for the short-movie ‘Les chevaliers de la barque bleue’).