The new single from Richmond band The J.O.B. is an impassioned ballad from a wanderlust soul. “Lisa’s Song” captures the buzzing amplifiers, driving melodies, and giant hooks of every venue across America. Dazzlingly layered and dripping with infectious chord progressions, “Lisa’s Song” dives into a heartfelt longing that lingers through the night, long past the final hours of twilight. It’s the first single off the upcoming album, Highway of Shadows, produced by Rich Stine (Head & the Heart), out November 9.

The J.O.B. founder, Jim O’Ferrell, wrote “Lisa’s Song” for every musician who rehearses long hours, travels for weeks at a time, and moves from town to town through every single element. Along the routine of setting up gear, performing music with vigor and heart, and sleeping in the gap between 2 a.m. check in and the continental breakfast, every person has a Lisa somewhere. The musical elements crafted within “Lisa’s Song” provide a powerful foundation for O’Ferrell’s lyrics. A variety of drum cadences dynamically groove with bright enticing guitar tones, and a lead that grabs by the shoulders and pulls you toward the outro. A chorus of harmonies seamlessly combine into a shining mix, and the intuitive bass line ties it all together. O’Ferrell explains, “‘Lisa’s Song’ is about a traveling minstrel yearning for the girl back home. Though he misses what might have been, he accepts the way things are. Life goes on. Maybe one day he’ll return home and she will still be waiting.”

Fueled by the sheer power of human connection, The J.O.B. began in between O’Ferrell’s deployments from the war in Iraq while searching for a lead guitarist to play his music. The lineup came to be with Jason Crawford on guitar, Eric Bandy on drums, and bassist Jared Merrill filling out the final vocal layer. The love of music and performing is the catalyst that connected four people from four entirely different walks of life to create something honest and passionate. The J.O.B. are storytellers, taking authentic human experiences and reflecting them like a mirror onto their audience. Giving a voice to those that may have buried their own somewhere deep inside, their music is a true companion that makes people’s emotions relevant and meaningful. Every face in the crowd is an individual opportunity to form a bond. Performing live is where the rubber meets the road, and The J.O.B. travel at full speed while also taking time to appreciate every stop along the way.

Highway of Shadows Track Listing

Lisa’s Song
Turn Around
I Know Better
In the Night’s White Noise
Alone In the City
My Love Is Yours
Unknown Call
Witching Well
Glory Never Comes
Highway of Shadows

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