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Scottish bovver boys are back

A little-known Glasgow-based Oi band that originally formed in 1979 and split up after only a few years, External Menace regrouped in the mid-’90s.

New lead singer Ian Welsh (replacing original member Wullie Hammill, who had died in the late ’80s), original guitarist John Sneddon, and a revolving door of rhythm sections.

The new lineup released several EPs, split singles, and compilation tracks, finally gathering the lot in 2004’s “The Process of Elimination”.

It’s now being re-released via Westworld on March 19th.

1.This Country
2.Standin’ On The U.K.
3.These Pricks Are Wrong
4.Watch You Drown
6.Rude Awakening
7.Don’t Conform
8.Bullet Of Persuasion
9.The Process Of Elimination
10.In This Time
11.Killin’ Me Asylum
12.We Wanna Know
13.Seize The Day
14.Don’t Call It Livin’
15.Sort It Out
16.Naked Prey
18.Seize The Day
19.Rude Awakening
20.No Mean Feat
21.I’d Rather Be Dead
22.Detonate Your Hate

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