All has been very quiet at the Vly camp. The international band has been through a long period of hibernation.

In the wake of the 2015 release “I/Time” as the band was gearing up for European tours and festival appearances the news arrived of serious health complication due to a late and chronic form of Lyme disease suffered by singer Keith Gladysz

Since then all major plans including live performance and recordings had to be postponed indefinitely.

In 2016 Vly collaborated with few friends across the globe to release the ‘Tangents & Mutations Vol. 1′ (exclusively available via the band’s Bandcamp page on “name your price” basis), an “idiosyncratic collection of remixes, collaborations, experiments and out-takes for the brave and curious”.

In the last few years and months work on new material has been sporadic and irregular with sudden spurs coinciding with temporary improving health conditions but all proven to be very short lived so far. Despite it all, the band has now completed works on a second instalment of Tangents & Mutations (Vol.2).

The digital EP features 4 new songs and a remix of “Dark Days”. The EP will be released once again in digital format only via Bandcamp. Produced and engineered by Karl Demata and mixed by Karl and Francesco Zacchi ‘Tangents & Mutations (Vol.2)’ is available on Bandcamp now LISTEN HERE