Nothing To Be Scared From Eternal Fear’s New Live Album


Heavy metal Swedes stop by at MVM to talk live albums, Thin Lizzy and UK tours

Eternal Fear are about to embark on their latest UK tour. The shows include a stop off in Wolverhampton and coincide with the release of their brand new live album.

The CD was recorded on their UK jaunt last year and is released on the Burning Halo label, and as guitar player Mattias Thomasen told MVM exclusively before they departed, it is something they are very excited about: “It’s very cool to release a live album and when we got the chance to do it we were on!” Said the four stringer.

The record features 13 tracks and although he was initially reluctant, when pressed, Mattias did mange to pick a favourite: “Man, it’s hard to choose, but I do like ‘Army From Hell,” he smiled.

Thomasen had to think hard again when asked to pick a favourite live record, before eventually choosing one of the classics of all time: “There are so many,” he admitted, “But Thin Lizzy’s Live And Dangerous is the one.”

One thing that Mattias was absolutely sure of, however, was his love of playing in the UK. The band are influenced by British NWOBHM sound, and the chance to visit these shores is something they look forward to. “I grew up listening on the classics, ” explains Thomasen. “Its fun to have the opportunity to tour with EF in UK, we really enjoy it.”

But for Eternal Fear, the tour is more than being about the chance to play the home of their heroes, as you might expect from what might the most friendly band on the planet, it’s about a social occasion too: “We have so many friends in the UK”, said Mattias. “We have met so many nice people that it will be great to catch up with them again.”

The tour starts this week. For all the details click here.

Maximum Volume will bring you all the news from the Wolverhampton show on October 12 at Fixxion Warehouse.

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